Saturday, January 27, 2007

Let's Trade

It's time for the two opposing teams to trade a player. The Democrats should give Joe Lieberman to the Republicans in exchange for Chuck Hagel. Lieberman has been chowing down on Dubya's dick ever since that piece of shit stole the 2000 election. Hagel has been criticising Dubya, particularly over Iraq, since at least 2005. Recently, Hagel lashed into Senate Republicans who were still backing Bush's handling of Iraq.

Each of these two would fit in better with their opposition than they do their own parties. Better still, if Hagel switched sides he'd not only get strong Democratic Party support (the grassroots hate the Iraq war even if the current potential Democratic presidential candidates try to pussyfoot around the issue), he'd also get support from Republicans who hate what Bush has done to the country. Sure, the Republicans who think Bush is wonderful would never vote for a turncoat, but they wouldn't vote for a Democrat anyway.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Words of Profound Truth in Dubya's SOTU

Yes, I know, you do not associate the words "Dubya" and "truth," especially when it comes to the State Of The Union speech. "Dubya" and "truth" go together about as well as "fire-fighting with gasoline," "carnivorous vegetarian," or "square circle." But the fact is that occasionally Dubya does let slip a true statement.

It could be due some vestiges of his psychopathic background breaking their way through his alcohol- and coke-rotted brain. Psychopaths love to let their victims know their plans in advance. It gives the victims time to worry and to dash around trying to do something to ward off the attack (although the warning is never given if the victim truly had a chance of doing anything about it). It enhances the psychopath's feelings of superiority by giving the victim a handicap (although, as I said, the victim still isn't in a position to win). Or it could just be that the many repetitions Unka Dick has to make in order to get Dubya to do what he's told leak out,

We've seen examples in the past. "The job would be a heck of a lot easier if this were a dictatorship. As long as I'm the dictator." Bush is well on his way to becoming a dictator with imperial powers. Dubya declared a "War on Terra." That's not the result of a charming southern accent; his foreign and environmental policies are destroying this planet (which most of us call "Earth" but was known to the Greeks as "Tellus" and to the Romans as "Terra"). And we must never forget this gem: "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and so do we."

So what truth did Dubya let slip in the SOTU? This:

The evil that inspired and rejoiced in 9/11 is still at work in the world. And so long as that's the case, America is still a nation at war.

How true. How very true. Two sentences, one after the other, and both dripping with truth. Not "truthiness" but real, honest-to-goodness truth.

"The evil [and it was deeply evil] that inspired [a very detailed plan which was carried out by minions] and rejoiced [oh, how that evil rejoiced at the prospect of what it would achieve by 9/11] is still [unfortunately] at work in the world [with decreasingly less chance of stopping it as time passes]." What Dubya neglected to mention, although an increasing number of people have come to realize it, is that the evil Dubya is speaking of is the Cheney/Bush maladministration. Those evil fuckers are still at work lying us into war in order to steal other countries' oil and so they can turn the US into a fascist dictatorship (at which point Dubya will find the job a heck of a lot easier).

"As long as that's the case [which it will be, unless we impeach and/or indict these evil fuckers, something we have very little time left to do] America is still a nation at war [of course it is, so that Halliburton can make money on reconstruction contracts, so that the Carlysle Group and other defence contractors can make money resupplying arms and matériel, so that the oil companies can make record profits, so that Cheney can stay in power]."

Read his words again and weep, for those words are the untrammelled truth of his and Cheney's past, present and future plans:

The evil that inspired and rejoiced in 9/11 is still at work in the world. And so long as that's the case, America is still a nation at war.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

DU is to Blame for Gulf War Syndrome

[9 Jan 2007: minor typos fixed]

It's been pretty damned obvious that Depleted Uranium (DU) from Bush-the-slightly-smarter's Iraq warwas to blame for Gulf War Syndrome in US military personnel, and for the vast increase in cancer rates and birth defects in Iraq (a factor of 8–12 times higher depending on which type of cancer or birth defect). However, the Bush maladministration often tries to put the blame on various other things. Like the smoke from the burning Kuwaiti oil wells. Like clouds of noxious chemicals supposedly released when Saddam's stockpiles were bombed. Like blaming Gulf War Syndrome (but not the Iraqi birth defects and cancer) on the cocktail of injections against chemical and biological weapons that US troops were given.

A report on birth defects in Afghanistan proves otherwise. Bush-the-slightly-smarter didn't supply the Taleban with chemical weapons like he did Saddam (using Donald Rumsfeld as the envoy for the deal), so they didn't have any significant stockpiles of chemical weapnos. No burning oil wells. Just the same horrific birth defects and cancers. If your stomach is strong enough (there are some very unpleasant pictures of extreme birth defects), take a look at this.

Afghanistan got off lightly compared to Bush-the-slightly-smarter's war where 350 tons of DU were used. We have no idea how much DU Bush-the-fucktard has used since the Pentagon is silent upon the issue except for saying that it had used 2 200 tons in March and April 2003. This is genocide. Quite possibly, since desert storms blow DU-laden dust around the planet, omnicide (the death of all life on the planet).

Three major divisions of Abrahamic religion want the "end times" to come. The Jews want the final battle, when all their enemies will be destroyed, Jahveh will relocate from Heaven to Earth and the Jews will be rewarded by their deity (Jahweh) and live happily ever after on Earth. The Christians want the final battle when they'll be raptured (naked, for the first time in their lives since they hate nudity) to Heaven where they'll have ringside seats watching everyone left behind suffering in great misery before being cast down into Hell to suffer even greater misery and will be rewarded by their three-in-one deity (God/Jebus/Holy Never Seems to Do Much Except Pad the Number) by an eternity of bliss in Heaven. A third group thinks that they will win the final battle and be rewarded by their deity: Satanists.

Bush and Cheney sure aren't Jews. And no true Christian would do half the things they do. That leaves only one option...


European Commission Gets Global Warming Wrong

According to this report in the Financial Times, the people in the European Commission analsying global warming are a bunch of fucktards who couldn't find their arses if you gave them a map and they used both hands.

The FT report doesn't say that in so many words, of course. In fact it reports the European Commission's flawed analysis without any critical comment of its own. In short, the European Commission says that global warming is a good thing for Northern Europe:

Fewer in the north would die of cold, crops there would boom and the North Sea coast could become the new Riviera, an analysis to be approved by the European Commission next week shows.

It does say that Southern Europe wouldn't do quite so well, what with droughts and tourists from the North sunning themselves on their own beaches instead of holidaying in the Mediterranean. And it is all a pile of steaming shit.

Britain is about the same latitude as Siberia, which is fucking cold, but Britain and the rest of Northern Europe is a good deal warmer than it otherwise would be because of the Gulf Stream. Global warming may be on the brink of shutting down much of the Gulf Stream.

Of course, it's that horrible science stuff that the Bush maladministration ignores. And even the scientists disagree amongst themselves, with some saying "gonna be bad, gonna be soon" and others saying "the evidence is not conclusive." Don't let the wikipedia article article fool you: none of the scientists is saying it can't happen or it won't happen. The most that the optimistic ones are saying is that they do not believe the current evidence is strong enough to convince them (the data is "noisy" and what appears to be a trend may just be due to noise) and/or that they do not believe the theoretical arguments have been sufficiently-well justified. I doubt you'd find any of them willing to bet a large sum of money on Northern Europe getting warmer, colder or staying the same.

At this stage of the game we don't know enough to be sure what is going to happen in Northern Europe as a result of global warming. Which makes the European Commission's report a pile of steaming shit, because it has not assigned a probability to its conclusions but stated them as a certainty. A certainty that no respectable scientist in the field would back, not even the optimistic ones who think the shutdown to be unlikely.

Of course, the oil companies (particularly Exxon) tell us that global warming isn't happening at all and we can merrily continue burning fossil fuels and dumping additional carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere even though it's making the seas so acidic that shellfish may be wiped out (because the acid will dissolve their shells faster than they can secrete them). To paraphrase Mandy Rice Davies under cross-examination in the Profumo trial, "Well, they would say that, wouldn't they?"

Friday, January 05, 2007

My First Blow Job


I dun got my very first blowjob today!!!!

That'll teach Bill Clinton who is the betterer President.

I got a blow job off Unca Dick who is cuddly and sexy but Clinton got his blow job offa a chunky jewish intern. I win!

Damn, but I sure wish I was still a drinker. Because I could do with a few stiff Southern Comforts right now. To take the taste of Unca Dick's jizm out of my mouth.

I Am NOT Stupid

Hah! Some folks said I was stoopid. Said I was too dumm to figger out how to lick piss off a nettle. But I showed 'em. I'm the deciderer, and when I decide to lick piss off a nettle, I do it right. That'll show Jebby. He cain't lick piss off a nettle not nohow.

Hey, Unca Dick, what you laughin at?

The Bush MALadministration is NOT stupid

I've said it several times before: the Bush maladministration is not stupid. Bush himself may have the intelligence and emotional stability of a retarded six-year-old but Cheney is pulling Dubya's strings (on behalf of Poopy Bush, who is himself a third-level underling in the Rothschild empire of evil).

I've know this for about 5 years. What it took me a lot longer to realize was that most progressives had not realized it. They kept falling for the Rovian/Cheneyan tactic of thinking that the Bush maladminstration was stupid and incompetent. Wake up and smell the fucking jackboots! As long as you people think that Bush and Cheney are stupid and incompetent you'll think that you just have to explain their "mistakes" often enough and slooooooowly enough and eventually they'll see the light.

Their objectives are to turn the US into a fascist dictatorship, steal the world's oil and make their obscenely-rich cronies even richer. If you persist in thinking that they are trying to make America a better place for the majority of the American people then they will appear to be stupid and incompetent. If you understand their true objectives then you know they're very competent (not great, but at least good) and that the only way to stop them is indictment/impeachment.

Some people are finally waking up to this. Heather Wokusch understands this. In her article Return of Bush and the F-Word in 2007, Part II which appeared on her own site and on Buzzflash as this contribution she cites the Rockride Reseach Institute article by Lakoff, Ferguson & Ettlinger which highlights some of the many reasons why this evil crowd are not incompetent.

Please, people, wake up from this shared nightmare. If not for your sakes then for mine.