Saturday, January 27, 2007

Let's Trade

It's time for the two opposing teams to trade a player. The Democrats should give Joe Lieberman to the Republicans in exchange for Chuck Hagel. Lieberman has been chowing down on Dubya's dick ever since that piece of shit stole the 2000 election. Hagel has been criticising Dubya, particularly over Iraq, since at least 2005. Recently, Hagel lashed into Senate Republicans who were still backing Bush's handling of Iraq.

Each of these two would fit in better with their opposition than they do their own parties. Better still, if Hagel switched sides he'd not only get strong Democratic Party support (the grassroots hate the Iraq war even if the current potential Democratic presidential candidates try to pussyfoot around the issue), he'd also get support from Republicans who hate what Bush has done to the country. Sure, the Republicans who think Bush is wonderful would never vote for a turncoat, but they wouldn't vote for a Democrat anyway.


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