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DU is to Blame for Gulf War Syndrome

[9 Jan 2007: minor typos fixed]

It's been pretty damned obvious that Depleted Uranium (DU) from Bush-the-slightly-smarter's Iraq warwas to blame for Gulf War Syndrome in US military personnel, and for the vast increase in cancer rates and birth defects in Iraq (a factor of 8–12 times higher depending on which type of cancer or birth defect). However, the Bush maladministration often tries to put the blame on various other things. Like the smoke from the burning Kuwaiti oil wells. Like clouds of noxious chemicals supposedly released when Saddam's stockpiles were bombed. Like blaming Gulf War Syndrome (but not the Iraqi birth defects and cancer) on the cocktail of injections against chemical and biological weapons that US troops were given.

A report on birth defects in Afghanistan proves otherwise. Bush-the-slightly-smarter didn't supply the Taleban with chemical weapons like he did Saddam (using Donald Rumsfeld as the envoy for the deal), so they didn't have any significant stockpiles of chemical weapnos. No burning oil wells. Just the same horrific birth defects and cancers. If your stomach is strong enough (there are some very unpleasant pictures of extreme birth defects), take a look at this.

Afghanistan got off lightly compared to Bush-the-slightly-smarter's war where 350 tons of DU were used. We have no idea how much DU Bush-the-fucktard has used since the Pentagon is silent upon the issue except for saying that it had used 2 200 tons in March and April 2003. This is genocide. Quite possibly, since desert storms blow DU-laden dust around the planet, omnicide (the death of all life on the planet).

Three major divisions of Abrahamic religion want the "end times" to come. The Jews want the final battle, when all their enemies will be destroyed, Jahveh will relocate from Heaven to Earth and the Jews will be rewarded by their deity (Jahweh) and live happily ever after on Earth. The Christians want the final battle when they'll be raptured (naked, for the first time in their lives since they hate nudity) to Heaven where they'll have ringside seats watching everyone left behind suffering in great misery before being cast down into Hell to suffer even greater misery and will be rewarded by their three-in-one deity (God/Jebus/Holy Never Seems to Do Much Except Pad the Number) by an eternity of bliss in Heaven. A third group thinks that they will win the final battle and be rewarded by their deity: Satanists.

Bush and Cheney sure aren't Jews. And no true Christian would do half the things they do. That leaves only one option...



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