Friday, January 05, 2007

The Bush MALadministration is NOT stupid

I've said it several times before: the Bush maladministration is not stupid. Bush himself may have the intelligence and emotional stability of a retarded six-year-old but Cheney is pulling Dubya's strings (on behalf of Poopy Bush, who is himself a third-level underling in the Rothschild empire of evil).

I've know this for about 5 years. What it took me a lot longer to realize was that most progressives had not realized it. They kept falling for the Rovian/Cheneyan tactic of thinking that the Bush maladminstration was stupid and incompetent. Wake up and smell the fucking jackboots! As long as you people think that Bush and Cheney are stupid and incompetent you'll think that you just have to explain their "mistakes" often enough and slooooooowly enough and eventually they'll see the light.

Their objectives are to turn the US into a fascist dictatorship, steal the world's oil and make their obscenely-rich cronies even richer. If you persist in thinking that they are trying to make America a better place for the majority of the American people then they will appear to be stupid and incompetent. If you understand their true objectives then you know they're very competent (not great, but at least good) and that the only way to stop them is indictment/impeachment.

Some people are finally waking up to this. Heather Wokusch understands this. In her article Return of Bush and the F-Word in 2007, Part II which appeared on her own site and on Buzzflash as this contribution she cites the Rockride Reseach Institute article by Lakoff, Ferguson & Ettlinger which highlights some of the many reasons why this evil crowd are not incompetent.

Please, people, wake up from this shared nightmare. If not for your sakes then for mine.


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