Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You're late, guys

According to this post over at the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are both working on stories that point to Dick "Crashcart" Cheney as being the next target of Fitzgerald's investigation.

You're late, guys. I figured it out five days ago and posted my reasoning here. And you're also missing something.

Libby has cut a deal to grass up Rove. That ought to be damned obvious because only a couple of days after Libby begged Miller to testify, Rove got called for a fourth time with no guarantees that his testimony would not lead to indictment. Miller's testimony would be, without a deal, damaging to Libby and that's why she went to jail and refused to believe his waiver had been given freely. But Libby cut a deal, and although Miller's testimony will implicate Libby further it will also provide corroboration for other testimony (Libby's or somebody else's) against Rove. Libby will get off on minor charges (despite whatever Miller has to say) or even gain total immunity in return for grassing up Rove. That's why he begged Miller to testify and why she agreed to.

But is Rove the end of it or will Fitzgerald use the same tactics to persuade Rove to let him fry the biggest fish of all? With testimony from Libby and Miller, Fitzgerald already has enough to indict Rove. So the only reason for calling Rove to testify yet again is to use the same tactics upon him. Fitzgerald must already have testimony implicating Bush and/or Cheney and needs Rove's corroboration to go after them. So Rove will be faced with the choice between lesser charges (or even immunity) or dropping Bush and/or Cheney in the shit.

Which is pretty much what I said in my earlier article five days ago. But here's something that didn't occur to me back then. Libby is Cheney's gopher. Rove is Bush's brain. If Rove has been called in to turn State's Evidence then it's almost certain Bush is a target. But the fact that Libby has spilled his guts means that if Cheney was even indirectly involved (and I'm damned sure he was in the thick of it) then Cheney faces the perp walk too.

I'm losing track of who might end up as President. Bush and Cheney are going to do the perp walk. Sibel Edmonds has stated that Hastert (next in line) took bribes from Turkey to drop a motion against Turkey's ethnic cleansing. Frist is facing Martha Stuart land. DeLay is in such deep shit there is no chance of him ever surfacing again (that is something that makes even an atheist like me wonder if there might be a God after all). If Bush and Cheney go down then there will likely be many other secrets come out that will take out most of the others in the line of succession. Who's left? I think that after all the others have been jailed, the guy who cleans the downstairs toilets in the Senate is next in line and might be free of corruption and treason (but he pongs a bit).


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