Friday, October 07, 2005

Fitzgerald and the Plamegate Chain of Dominoes

There have been some interesting developments and an even more interesting rumour circulating recently (I'm sure you've all seen them but if not you can always google for the details). Could it be about to play out like this?

The rumour was that Fitzgerald may indict Cheney and Bush. So let's consider the developments.

Ex-criminal "Scooter" Libby practically begs Judith Miller to waive her oath of confidentiality by saying that it in his best interests she do so. Could it be that Libby doesn't wish to spend more time in jail and has cut a deal? Could it be that he needs Judith's corroboration of his testimony or the deal is off? If so, which bigger fish has he grassed up?

Karl Rove has been called to testify for a fourth time, and this time he will be told that he may be indicted as a result of his testimony (the rulebook says Fitzgerald has to give that warning if he hopes to indict). So it's entirely possible that Libby grassed up Rove, but needed Miller's corroboration in order for Fitzgerald to be able to make it stick.

But what if Libby also grassed up Cheney and Bush by telling Fitzgerald about conversations he'd had with Rove that Miller knew nothing off? If that were the case then Fitzgerald would want to be able to apply leverage to Rove. If Fitzgerald has enough (from Libby and Miller) to indict Rove (whether just for perjury or for actual crimes) then Rove faces a decision. He can refuse to testify and end up in the big house for whatever Fitzgerald has on him or he can confirm Libby's testimony about Cheney and Bush. Either way his political career is probably finished (unless another Bush steals the White House and rewards Rove's loyalty for remaining silent), but one way ends up with him serving time in prison. Decisions, decisions...

It could be that Rove is as high as it goes. Or it could be that Rove is as high as Fitzgerald can prove it goes with or without Rove's further testimony. But with that rumour of Cheney and Bush being in the sights, there is a chance that Rove is a stepping stone. And if Fitzgerald doesn't already have enough to indict Rove then calling Rove in for a fourth time is unlikely to change matters (Rove would plead the fifth) so Fitzgerald must have bigger fish to fry. I'd be unhappy to see a fat, evil bastard like Rove cut a deal and go free but I'd give him my entire fortune (not that I have one, but if I did Rove could have it) and a BJ every day for life (which would probably last no longer than a week because I'd slit my wrists after that long if his evil semen didn't poison me first) if it meant Cheney and Bush got what they deserve.

I hope this chain of dominoes goes all the way to the top rather than petering out at Rove.


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