Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bush NOT a Christian

It's damned obvious to all except the sheeple that Bush is not a Christian. If he's getting advice from a supernatural entity then it's not the one who lives in the penthouse but the one who lives in the basement. As a kid, Bush got off by sticking firecrackers into frogs' anuses. As governor of Texas he got off by signing death warrant for poor, black, retards who couldn't afford a decent defence lawyer. He famously mocked one of the people he signed a death warrant for. He's killed almost 2,000 US troops in Iraq, plus US mercenaries, plus the deaths of the military personnel belonging to his "coalition of the willing" plus many tens of thousands of Iraqis. He's shown by the quick response to previous hurricanes in Florida that he cares about what happens to rich, white people, particularly if they're in a swing state; he showed by his "Let me eat McCain's cake" attitude to Katrina that he doesn't give a shit about poor, black people. He's increased the gap between obscenely rich and everyone else: the obscenely rich are better off than they were 5 years ago; the rest are worse off. Those most desperately in need of health care are less likely to get it. He is corrupt and immoral and even though most of the US media covers up these facts most of the US know it.

So why the hell do the Talebangelicals refer to Bush as a good Christian? Can't they see it? Can't they see what an evil turd he is? Of course they can. Allow me to explain...

Back in the 19th Century, the theologian John Nelson Darby invented his own interpretation of the Bible called "Dispensationalism." Essentially, it's eschatalogical: the end times are coming. And when the end times come, the dispensationalists will be carried (nude) into Heaven in "the rapture" while the rest of us get to suffer here on earth for years before being cast down into Hell. A smaller group, the reconstructionists (also known as dominionists) believe pretty much the same thing but are more politically active. If you don't know much about these crazed loons, read this.

There are certain signs, according to these morons, of the coming end times, such as plague, famine, pestilence, death and war. You can see how close they think we are to the end times with their rapture index. Basically, anything that happens which fits in with their ideas of events that indicate impending end times is a good thing even if it causes suffering and death.

Bush is cutting funding for AIDS treatment in Africa and making even what little funding he gives conditional upon the organizations receiving funds not promoting the use of condoms. Bush's funding criteria mean that AIDS will hit an even higher percentage of the African population. But that's a good thing because it means plague and death are on the increase.

Bush took the US into one illegal war and committed many war crimes. But that's a good thing because it means war and death are on the increase.

Bush refuses to do anything about global warming. There is likely to be a major, irreversible climate shift because of that. More, and stronger, hurricanes. Sea levels rising and low-lying areas of many countries flooded. Many areas of the planet will become too hot (or too cold, that's one of the apparent paradoxes that global warming will have) for agriculture so people will starve. But that's a good thing because it means famine and death are on the increase.

Bush is raping the environment? That's a good thing because with the environment fucked up so is life, and death is on the increase. Anyway, the environment doesn't matter because the saved will be raptured up into Heaven and God can tidy up the mess on Earth later.

Bush is actually such an evil piece of shit that he fits the dominionist/reconstructionist definitions of the Antichrist. That's a good thing because just as the opera isn't over until the fat lady sings, the end times haven't started until the Antichrist appears. The more openly evil Bush is, the happier these people are. "Hallelujah! The Antichrist is in the White House. The end times will be here any day now and we'll be raptured into Heaven."

These people know (just like us) that Bush is pure, fucking evil. And that, in their eyes, is a good thing. But if they're wrong about their invisible friend then that means that in a year or two they, and the rest of us, will be well and truly fucked. They, of course, are absolutely certain that their invisible friend will do what they believe. Which is what makes them so fucking dangerous to those of us who inhabit reality.


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