Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A joke retold

A retelling of a joke that did the rounds a year or so ago.

An old man walks up to the military guard outside the White House and says "I'd like to speak with President Bush."

The guard replies "President Bush is no longer the President. After the Democrats took both houses of Congress in the mid-terms, he, Vice President Cheney and several key figures in the administration were impeached for war crimes, corruption, and treasonously outing a CIA covert operative."

The old man replies "Oh, thanks" and walks away.

The next day the same old man walks up to the military guard (who happens to be the same military guard) and says "I'd like to speak with President Bush."

The guard replies "Sir, I explained to you yesterday that President Bush is no longer in office."

The old man replies "Thanks" and walks away.

Next day, same old man, same guard, and again the old man says "I'd like to speak with President Bush."

The guard replies "Sir, I've already explained to you twice that former President Bush is no longer in office. He is now serving life in prison for war crimes. Can you not understand that?"

The old man responds: "I understood you the first time you said it. I understood it when I saw it on the news weeks ago. It's just that I love to hear you say it."

The guard throws his snappiest military salute and with a friendly smile on his face says "See you again tomorrow, sir.

OK, it's unlikely to happen. The US is turning against Bush and the Republicans in Congress who enable him. But most of the Democrats in Congress are too damned stupid, or cowardly, or corrupt, to take the advantage they've been given and actually oppose this administration's disastrous policies. Even if the Democrats in Congress grew spines and balls, the chances are that Liebold, Sickquoia and MESS voting machines will steal the elections yet again. Only if the US overwhelmingly turns against the GOP disaster machine is there any chance that vote-rigging of that magnitude would be impossible to do without the whole world knowing for damned sure that the elections were stolen. And even if that happened, Bush would almost certainly instigate Martial Law and the more repressive measures of the misnamed USA PATRIOT Act to stay in power as President-for-Life Dubya the First.

So the above is a joke, not a prediction. But it's also a dream. A heartfelt yearning. A desire that surpasses all others. The only fucking hope for humanity. Because if Bush doesn't get impeached he'll invade Iran next and probably trigger WW III.


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