Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Hot fucking damn! That it sooooooooo impressive.

When I get Barney to give me a BJ he spits it out immediately. When I get Harriet to give me a BJ she pretends to like the taste but I'm sure she spits it out when I'm not looking.

But Alito is another thing entirely. He slooshes my jizm around his mouth for hours afterwards. He opens his mouth to show my manly sperm swimming around in there. And then he finally swallows.

No wonder I want mini-Scalia on the Supreme Court. Scalito doesn't just swallow, he plays with it for hours first. Alito doesn't give me a BJ very often, and that's a real shame. Gannon/Guckert used to blow me every day. But Gannon/Guckert never swallowed. He always spit it out. The bitch!!!

There's no way the "loose cannon" was going to get onto the SCOTUS unless he slurped down my manly jizzm as though his life depended upon it. Harriet swallowed, even if she pulled faces, so she was a candidate. But Alito slooshes it around before he swallows it. You have to admire a guy who will do that for you. Admire him, and appoint him to the SCOTUS.


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