Friday, October 28, 2005

30 Years!

From Fitz's press realease I see that if Scooter is found guilty on all five counts, and if Scooter receives the maximum sentence for each count, and if the judge sentences him to serve those terms sequentially rather than concurrently, that's 30 years in prison!

So much for the right-wing spin machine that perjury is a minor matter (except when it's Clinton lying about consensual sex).

Anybody know what the law is? Does Fitz have to hit Libby with every indictment at once or can he hit him with indictments for other crimes as they are discovered? For instance, if Fitz indicts Rove later, then surely Libby and Rove also committed conspiracy. And quite probably worse. The investigation is continuing, it would appear, so a lot more against Libby may turn up. It would be a great shame if Fitz couldn't indict him some more.

Some advice for Scooter: If you drop the soap in the prison shower then do not bend over to pick it up unless you're in the mood for sex. If you are ordered to give somebody oral sex then do so as though your life depends upon it - it probably does (oh, and be sure to swoosh it around your mouth before swallowing and then tell him how absolutely yummy it was - do not spit it out).


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