Sunday, December 25, 2005

Why Both Sides of the Aisle Hate the Wiretapping

Both sides of the aisle are seriously pissed off with Bush's wiretapping.

It's easy to understand why the Democrats are pissed off. Their every campaign tactic would be known to a President who could get his brain (Rove) to figure out exactly the best counter-tactic. Their every personal foible would be known: no longer would Rove have to invent credible smears, he'd know where to send photographers to capture evidence of illicit dalliances.

It's harder to figure out why the GOP is so upset. Rarely have I seen anybody try to explain that. And when I have it's the "you're not going to like it when the shoe is on the other foot." But, unless the California and Florida decertification of Diebold voting machines, and the imminent decertification of ES&S voting machines are taken up by most states, that shoe isn't ever going to be on the other foot. The coming mid-terms are the very last chance the US has to institute an honest electoral system, because if the GOP succeeds in rigging the voting again it's going to win by a landslide, mandate rigged voting machines in every state, and you're facing one-party rule forever.

So why are those on the right of the aisle so upset? Because almost all of them are corrupt, with some of them being very corrupt. I know the Democrats slid down the slippery slope to corruption after decades in power, but most in the GOP started out corrupt. For instance, google for DeLay honorarium and you'll find that one of the very first things he did after gaining a seat was try to exploit it for "honorariums" and set up his "K-Street Project."

And therein lies the problem. The GOP pretends to have a united front even though in actuality they are almost as diverse as the Democrats. The difference is that the GOP realizes the importance of "having all their shit in one sock." If necessary, they will chew on Bush's turds, but they won't actually swallow and they'll spit it out when they're out of public sight. They'll play along to stay in power, but you can only push them so far (see McCain's attempt to explicitly ban torture).

Bush's wiretaps means that he'll learn all the dirty little secrets of GOP representatives and senators. Stuff, since they're so corrupt, that can get them indicted and locked away for many years. They know that if Bush's wiretaps continue, they'll not only have to chew on his turds, they'll have to swallow, and tell everyone how yummy they are with a big grin on their face as they say it.

Given that Bush is crazier than a shithouse rat on PCP, that's something they don't want to happen. A few of them have already politely declined Bush "helping" with their election campaigns because they know how deeply unpopular he is with the majority of the country (and their states still have honest voting methods). One welcomed Bush's help and found he went from a large majority to a major loss. They want the freedom to be able to do what is best for them, not what is best for Bush (they should be trying to do what is best for the country, but they're corrupt Republicans so you can't expect that to happen). Once Bush wiretaps them, they become his puppets.

The GOP has to put an end to it now or they're screwed. They're not worried that ordinary citizens get wiretapped. They're orgasmically ecstatic if the Dems get wiretapped. But the GOP getting wiretapped is a disaster for the GOP as corrupt individuals who have a limited freedom to work in their own best interests.

They might try using legislation to explicitly force him to stop wiretapping. But they know, from John Yoo's and Alberto "Torquemada" Gonzalez' previous imaginative (as in "LSD trip") interpretations of other laws that they're unlikely to stop him that way. So when that fails they're going to go for impeachment. They have to.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice "shoe" comparison.
I think that karma is a powerful thing, and we are going to see many good developments in 2006.
Oh, BTW, I was a LIHOP advocate of the 9/11 theories, but I now think that the traitorous act runs deeper. I hope that something becomes of that too.

Joe Schmoe

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 1:36:00 AM  
Blogger Brian de Ford said...

The "shoe" comparison isn't mine. I've seen that phrase used in reference to this. I've also seen other variants like "How would you like it if Hillary had this power."

That sort of argument just won't sway the Republicans unless they think about the implications. A superficial analysis will lead them to the conclusion that Dubya has the power right now and he'll use it to trash or blackmail the Dems, so the GOP will always be in power.

Only if they think more deeply will they realize that Dubya will blackmail them too and all hopes of semi-independence will be lost.

As to 9/11, I have long been convinced it was an inside job. Every bit of evidence points to that. You have only to delve into PNAC (composed of people who are now senior players in the administration) and its plan to turn the US into an imperialist nation bent on conquest (that plan has essentially been adopted as administration policy) and the chilling phrase in the plan that progress would be slow "absent a catalysing event like a new Pearl Harbor."

How lucky can you get? Due to their "incompetence" these guys had their wet dream come true. It couldn't have worked out better for them had they planned it that way...

I seriously doubt we'll ever see the truth of 9/11 officially exposed. It's too politically sensitive. It would shock the US. And we still don't have the truth behind the Kennedy assassination (the CIA are still holding on to hundreds of pages of documents).

Wednesday, December 28, 2005 4:38:00 PM  

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