Friday, December 23, 2005

Joe Wilson for President!

OK, I know Joseph Wilson III has not expressed any desire to stand as a candidate, and has even described himself as non-partisan. But...

There has been speculation about who will enter the Democratic primaries for 08 (and who will win). Apparently, Hillary Clinton, with over 40% support, is way ahead of the pack. The problem is that the pack are all wimps, kow-towing to Emperor Bush over Iraq, when the majority (over 60%) of the country thinks Bush is wrong on Iraq. The potential Democratic candidates, including Hillary, are rushing towards the centre as fast as they can because their advisors (who never leave K-street to find out how bad things are in the rest of the US and how desperately people want liberal policies) say that's how they can win. The advisors have been saying that for years, and they've been wrong every damned time.

Joe Wilson is an ideal candidate. He has been an ambassador, so has a good grasp of diplomacy (whereas all Dubya knows is how to piss off other countries, and Hillary's only qualification is that she may have slept with a President).

Joe Wilson is brave (unlike Dubya, who used his father's connections to duck out of Vietnam by serving in the Texas Air National Guard until it became too much for him and he went AWOL, whereas Hillary didn't even face the draft that her husband avoided). Wilson was acting as ambassador to Iraq prior to Desert Storm (Bush-the-slightly-smarter's war). He received a diplomatic note from Saddam saying that anyone harboring foreigners would be subject to execution. Wilson had already allowed 70 Americans to take refuge in the US Embassy. So the next day he gave a press conference with a noose around his neck telling Saddam that he was harboring Americans and wasn't about to give them up.

Joe Wilson, like Dubya, speaks his mind (Hillary is moving further and further away from the liberal principles she once espoused in the hope it will make her more electable). But unlike Dubya, Wilson knows when to remain silent and instead use a slightly more subtle way of making his views known (it's that "diplomacy" thing again). When Wilson returned to the US after the Iraq noose incident, he explained in an interview that the noose was intended to send the message "If protecting american lives is a crime, I'll provide my own fucking noose."

Joe Wilson has recently called the Busheviks "brownshirts," "radicals," and "school yard bullies" whereas Hillary is sucking up to them and saying they were right to invade Iraq even if they went about it the wrong way.

So who do you want? Somebody like Hillary who will "triangulate" until she ends up as "Bush lite" keeping the troops in Iraq and not reversing all the other evil that Bush has done? Or somebody who is willing to speak out against the evil that is the Bush administration and has put his life on the line in order to protect 70 Americans?

Joe Wilson isn't a politician, which is why he'd probably refuse to stand. The fact that he isn't a politician is probably the strongest reason for wishing that he would. Democratic politicians like Hillary will "triangulate" if they think it will get them elected (it will cause her to lose), while Republican politicians know they have to stick to their guns (or at least pretend they are doing so whilst in fact moving so far to the right they end up in an alternate universe).

Faced with a choice of Republican or real Democrat, willing to stand up for Democratic principles, the polls show the country will vote for the Democrat. Faced with a choice of Republican or Republican-lite, people are going to vote for the real thing. Since the potential Democratic candidates are all rapidly becoming Republican-lite then our last hope is somebody like Wilson.


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