Wednesday, May 18, 2005

George Galloway

Despite what I wrote in my earlier post, life still goes on (for a little while, anyway). And like a character from Nevil Shute's On the Beach faced with impending radioactive doom I try to live as normally as possible in my remaining time. So it's still worth fighting the Bush Family Evil Empire, even if only to try and throw a spanner into their machinery and cause them a little upset.

I just heard an extract of George Galloway's speech to a senate committee that had accused him of profiting by clandestine oil deals with Iraq under the guise of the "oil for food" program. I'd give you the URL of the MP3 but hot-linking to other sites is bad form - you'll find copies of it on all your favourite sites soon.

Imagine a cute, cuddly, fluffy, baby bunny-wunny. Aaaaaaaah! How sweet! Now imagine a psychotic pit-bull terrier in the final stages of rabies where it will attack anything that moves. Now imagine that pit-bull encountering the little bunny rabbit. Cast Senator Norm Coleman in the rôle of the fluffy bunny-wunny and George Galloway in the rôle of the pit-bull and you have some idea of the devastation of Galloway's testimony. It's an unfair comparison in one way because Galloway is neither psychotic nor rabid; he is lucid, rational and calm. But pit-bull versus bunny-wunny gives you some idea of the sheer inequality of the match between Galloway and Coleman, except that the Galloway versus Coleman bout was even more mismatched.

I doubt the senate has ever heard any testimony so critical of it and the administration. Not surprising, because Galloway is not American so they can't punish him. The audio clip I found is only a part of his testimony, I have read transcripts of other parts of his testimony and overall summaries and the rest of his testimony is equally scathing. The only way Galloway could have topped it would be by ripping off Coleman's head then shitting down his neck. I'm so glad we have some decent, honest, ethical politicians in the UK even if Blair is an evil shit.

Ho hum, I'm going to listen to it again. Must be the tenth time since I downloaded it an hour ago. Every time I listen to it I imagine the look on Coleman's face and break out laughing. It's the sort of look that somebody has in the microsecond after they realize that after they pull the pin Mr Grenade is not their friend. It's the sort of look somebody has after sticking his dick into a mincer and turning the handle and realizing that wasn't such a good idea after all. It's the look worn by everybody who has ever wished they had a time machine so they could go back and use a baseball bat to beat some clues into their earlier selves. It's the sort of look that says "Oh, fuck, I really wish I hadn't done that."


Blogger Newsguy said...

Thanks for the comment, Brian. Many of us are enjoying the Galloway blast essentially at all the Bush toadies who voted for the war. And unfortunately that included most Democrats. You would think they would have had more sophistication, would have been smarter, but then there's a death culture here in the US that politicians are afraid to oppose. Too many think a vote against war or capital punishment would be a sign of weakness. They think a vote for compassion for poor people or universal health care or caring for the environment (tree huggers) is also a sign of weakness. Galloway certainly showed them what a tough guy looks like. Many of us over here enjoyed it immensly.

Yeah Bush has screwed things up royally. Lots of people over here in the US think he's clearly the worst president we have ever had. We got out in the streets here before the Iraq war to show our feelings that it was a bad idea and it should be stopped.

But if we actually give in to despair, I think it immobolizes us, and that's exactly what the criminals in the White House want.

Read about the White Rose during the Hitler regime. That's the kind of spirit we need in the States right now.

Allow me to offer an apology to a foreigner for the way our country is acting right now. --RN

Monday, May 30, 2005 5:05:00 AM  
Blogger Brian de Ford said...

Hi Newsguy

Allow me to offer an apology to a foreigner for the way our country is acting right now.

Thanks for the apology, but I must also apologize for the way my country is behaving. Blair fellates Bush at every opportunity. And, as tough as British politics is compared to US politics, he gets away with it.

However, the fact that Galloway took a safe Labour seat indicates that Blair is going to pay the price. Labour won the election, but with a seriously reduced majority. Tony is for the chopping block. The other Labour MPs know that the longer Tony is Prime Minister, the lower their vote in the next election.

Oh, and the really, really good thing is that the UK signed up to the International Criminal Court (Bush refused). There's a chance Blair will be facing War Crimes charges soon. If Blair topples over that, can even the US media continue to cover up for the monkey?

Friday, June 03, 2005 12:17:00 AM  

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